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  Put open source to work.      

Open Sky Solutions delivers robust open source software solutions for academia and libraries.

We create maintainable software frameworks with a focus on long term preservation and adherence to standards. Our greatest strength is our process — a highly iterative and interactive approach that produces exceptional functionality and ensures ongoing maintainability and growth. We're not zealots — we don't use open source simply because it's open source. In fact, we develop on, and for, MS Windows, Linux, and OS X. But, we do use standard, well supported open source packages — not because they are open source — but because they offer the best quality and support.

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What is open source?
It's more than Linux. It's more than open standards. It might be part of your overall solution or it might be your complete solution.
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Why use open source?
Cost, of course, but open source also offers strong support and open-ended flexibility with solid reliability.
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Who is using it?
Government, industry, education, probably you. Open source underpins applications and enables users you might not expect.
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